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Intersection Column | Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

by Kimberley Woodhouse

A Gem of Truth is my twenty-ninth published book. Hard to believe when I actually type that out. I feel like I’m still a newbie at this author thing. But this story has a piece of my heart. On one hand, because this series has been in my mind for over a decade, and on the other, because I named the heroine after my childhood best friend.

I think one of my favorite parts of this story is the fact that the heroine—Julia—has been a “storyteller” all her life. Basically, that’s a nice way of saying: a liar. Her childhood was pretty awful, and it became her way of coping.

Telling the truth is something that everyone struggles with at least once in their lifetime. And let’s face it, we’ve all known someone who is a phenomenal storyteller, but many times we don’t know when they are telling the truth. It’s a very common internal battle and a great opportunity for my character to grow.

The idea for this series originally started back in 2008 when I was at the Grand Canyon doing research. One of the informational placards had the cool history of the Spanish explorers who rediscovered the canyon in the 1540s. As I dug around and learned their story, I was more than intrigued. They were looking for the cities of gold; but one small band was sent West, and they saw the canyon instead. Over the years, I created my own legend based on the fascinating history. I used this legend in A Gem of Truth to captivate my heroine and others in the story. It includes a treasure that some of the Spanish explorers left hidden somewhere in the canyon.

Julia’s pursuit of the legend gives her an escape, a fresh start, and the chance to get to know Christopher Miller who is following in his grandfather’s footsteps as a master jeweler.

Through this story, I’m hoping that each person is pointed to the unconditional love of our incredible Heavenly Father and is challenged in their faith walk. I know it challenged me, and I’m so grateful for the pruning He continues to do in my life.

Story is so influential and powerful. It has the potential to change lives. I’m grateful to be able to share the stories He gives me.


About the Author

Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning and bestselling author. A lover of history and research, she often gets sucked into the past and then her husband has to lure her out with chocolate and the promise of eighteen holes on the golf course. She loves music, kayaking and her family. Married to the love of her life for three decades, she lives and writes in the Poconos where she's traded in her hat of “Craziest Mom” for “Nana the Great.” To find out more about Kim's books, follow her on social media, and sign up for her newsletter/blog, go to:


About the Book

Julia Schultz has a reputation for being a storyteller, or as others see it, a liar. But with her dark and painful past, stories are all that have kept her company throughout her life. Longing for a fresh start, Julia takes a job as a Harvey Girl at the El Tovar Hotel. Learning the trade of a master jeweler is hard work, but Christopher Miller takes pride in running his family's small shop. United by the discovery of a legendary treasure, Chris and Julia find hope in each other.




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