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Bring Spring to Your Nest

by Melissa Michaels

Chirp, chirp! The birds sing their cheerful morning song outside my bedroom window. I may want to pull the covers over my head, but I admire their impulse to sing with delight! Winter has kept us cooped up too long. Tweet, tweet! Spring is here!

We’re invited to emerge from our cozy winter nests to be a part of the beauty that’s awakening. The warm sun, birdsong, and flowers are an antidote for winter blahs. I can hardly wait to open the doors, take in the intoxicating scent of lilacs, and say good morning to the first blooms. Yes, I’m that neighbor. The one you might see climbing up a tree in her pajamas to cut a few spring branches for a bouquet. But flowers are fleeting, and savoring these moments is what makes life lovely.

One spring, we were completing a kitchen remodel in our Seattle home. As the days passed, I became increasingly eager for the project to be finished so I could enjoy my morning coffee in peace (introvert confessions) and because I didn’t want carpenters and ladders blocking the view of our magnolia tree!

Those tulip-shaped blooms and deep green leaves are a happy visual cue that this season will offer abundant gifts. The pink flowers aren’t necessarily a sign that the days ahead will all be rosy, but certainly they remind me to stay rooted in hope for the renewal to come.

This season, beauty will be renewed in all the beautiful moments we can anticipate, like magnolia flowers blooming, but others will unfold in unexpected places. I’m inspired when vines find their way through cracks in concrete! No matter what this season will hold, we can be assured that beauty will bloom within and around us too.

How can you welcome beauty and renewal into your life this season?

After a long winter, I feel restless from staring at the same things. I think a change in scenery can be a real mood-booster.

I know for some people, a change of scenery probably means lying out on a beach somewhere. Bless. I’m all for that. But for me, a change of scenery in spring often involves a simple refresh of an area in my home.

While it’s always fun to work on big projects, like a remodel or new furniture, there is so much beauty to be experienced in the little things that bring us joy. Here are five Rs to help you renew your space and your outlook.

Replace colors to create a mood

Changes in your color palette can do wonders for the mood. Don’t worry if your color palette doesn’t “feel like spring.” What matters is how you feel in your home. If you need a boost of happiness or positivity in your life, punch up the vibes in your home with fresh colors.

To create a sense of peace and order, select hues that soothe you. Perhaps light neutrals and warm textures ease your stress. Maybe moody, darker tones relax your mind. If your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, some brighter or lighter shades may lift your mood. Pay attention to how you feel in your home and make adjustments!

Refresh decor for the season Say goodbye to winter decor! Use what you have. Gather up a stack of pretty books or accessories from around the house in colors you like, display a favorite spring-inspired collection, put a bouquet in a vase, or frame a favorite family photo. Maybe hang a new piece of art, put down a cheerful rug, or repaint the walls to freshen things up!

Rearrange your shelves

Sometimes simply moving things around a bit will get you inspired! Dust off display shelves or a mantel and try a streamlined arrangement. Step back and admire your effort.

Reclaim treasures at flea markets Go on a treasure hunt for a new-to-you find. Bring it home and use it to bring a different look to your space.

Renew something with spray paint

Look around your garage or closets and find a fun accessory that just needs a little spring makeover. Candlesticks, small statues, even small toy animals! Spray paint them white or a pretty spring color! It’s quite inspiring what a little paint can do to refresh what we already have.

May these simple spring enhancements bring more charm to your home and contentment to you and your loved ones this season!

Melissa Michaels is the creator of The Inspired Room, voted the 2015 and 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Readers’ Favorite Decorating Blog. With creative, simple ideas for decorating and organizing the home, she inspires more than half a million women each month. Melissa is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Love the Home You Have, Make Room for What You Love, and The Inspired Room coffee table book. She and her husband live in Washington, where they planted a church in 2009.


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