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Don’t Give In

“But you’ll welcome us with open arms when we run for cover to you. Let the party last all night! Stand guard over our celebration. You are famous, GOD, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight.” -Psalm 5:11–12 MSG


From time to time, we can lose hope and become discouraged despite all the blessings surrounding us. When this happens, we need to remember Paul’s words about the certainty of God’s promises and realize that our God will never forsake us.


When we have those down-in-the-dumps days, we should encircle ourselves with encouragers, Christian friends who can hold up our arms, like Moses, when we’re unable to continue the journey. We can reach for God’s Word, which breathes life into our spirits. Moments of prayer will connect us to the life giver and refresh us.


Worry and discouragement are spiritual traps that sap our energy and cover us with a cloud of gloom. These evil twins can be dispelled by praise. Turn on the radio, hum an old hymn, or read a psalm aloud. We can choose to praise and look for joy in spite of our circumstances. David did. Paul and Silas did. We can too.


God has promised to give us peace and joy in spite of our trials and struggles. Let’s reach out to Him and shed our veil of darkness for a mantle of praise.


Heavenly Father, I lift my eyes to the heavens and ask for Your peace. Thank You for Your love and care. Thank You for standing by my side. I praise Your name.


Adapted from Daily Devotions for Conquering Anxiety and Depression. Compiled by Barbour Staff.


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